Monday, May 11, 2009

Reviewed on The Open House

“This is a very interesting book,” said Kara Martin, regular book reviewer on “The Open House,” a weekly talk show broadcast on Hope 103.2 FM and syndicated on a number of other radio stations around Australia.

Talking with host Sheridan Voysey this past Sunday night, she reviewed Nemesis Train, reporting that she “had no idea what it was about for most of the time I was reading it. But I was intrigued and I wanted to know.

“Only at the end do you find out how it is all connected and why it has been written in the way that it has,” Ms Martin explained. “It’s well enough written that it keeps you intrigued and it keeps you wanting to find out more.

“It’s the sort of book that when you get to the end you want to re-read it because you want to see were there things I missed and how did this all sit together.”

While critical of the design of the book and suggesting the novel might be “a bit too subtle,” she noted the focus on the issue of the ongoing impacts of war on survivors and described Nemesis Train as “a confronting and real look at this [issue] and personifying it in a very special way.

“It’s a really interesting book that introduces some important messages. As well as the suicide issue, it talks about how do we find meaning, how do we make a difference in the world and in people’s lives, so they’re good messages.”

To listen to the broadcast, go to The Open House podcast page. Their discussion of Nemesis Train kicks off at about the 8-minute mark.

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