Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nemesis Train on "The Reality Zone"

This week, my interview with "The Reality Zone" about Nemesis Train and issues in the novel will be airing on selected radio stations across Australia and around the world. "The Reality Zone" is syndicated across hundreds of radio stations and you can find out more here. Hope you can check it out in your corner of the world.


george said...

Hi Nathan

Just having a look through your blog. Great to read you are enjoying some solid reviews and making connections in media and such. Congratulations.
I am still plodding away with my book. Your achievements add hope to my vision. It can be done!
Best wishes

Adam said...

Hi Nathan!
I heard your interview on The Reality Zone this afternoon. It definitely made me want to read your book.

Great to hear about a guy from Victoria who has become a published author. (I'm from Tassie and am writing an ameteur novel which I may attempt to publish once it's done.)

Keep up the good work!

Nathan Brown said...

Hey Adam,

Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you were interested in the interview.

Hope you can track down the book and will be interested in your comments when you have read it.

And best wishes with your own writing efforts. It can be a tough kind of process, of which the actual writing is only a part.

Thanks heaps,


Nathan Brown said...

Hey George,

Thanks for dropping by.

It is possible. Be of good courage,