Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The back cover blurb

Tragedy often happens, unnoticed and unexplained, within seemingly-ordinary city life. Add a day of frustrations to a lifetime of guilt—and so much might be lost in one despairing act.

But there are also people like Jed Hill, a university student with a burden to “change the world,” although not sure what that might mean. Yet his ill-conceived attempts at “making a difference” move toward an unexpected encounter that will change more than one life.

Nemesis Train is a web of characters and events, in which ordinary moments can lead to dramatically different possibilities.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the cover Nathan. It looks awesome...the blurb is also very enticing! When did you have time to write this little masterpiece?? You do realise that you are single-handedly responsible for me having to stop and think every time I go to say, 'revelation' - I can't get relevation out of my head!!

Good luck with the new book.

Nathan Brown said...

Thanks—and I'm impressed that you find the site so soon.

Glad to be messing with your head.

Gary said...


Cover looks great. Love the title.

Went to Ark House and they told me it's "coming soon."

Guess I'll have to wait.


Best wishes
Gary Krause